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PNT Designs Pvt. Ltd. - Soil Investigation, Core Drilling, Geotechnical Investigation, Soil Testing, Soil Exploration Company in Rajasthan, India

A. Geo – Technical Investigation
Foundation system for any structure depends upon type of sub-surface strata. A detailed geotechnical investigation is required for design of appropriate foundation system.

The firm is equipped with field exploration facilities to carry out the boring / drilling up to the depth of 150 m in soil / rock. It has all the laboratory facilities for determination of engineering properties of soil and rocks. We have successfully carried out the geotechnical investigation of various projects e.g. bridges, irrigation dams, thermal power plants, multistoried buildings, transmission towers, highways and express ways, railways, canals, overhead water tanks, pumping stations, tunnels etc. and have recommended appropriate foundation system for these structures. We also have facilities of plate load test, pile load test, block vibration test and electrical resistivity test. A qualified post graduate Geotechnical Engineer has been looking after this work.

B. Structural Analysis & Design
Structural Analysis is the process of determining the forces which develop due to action of various loads and its combination viz. live load, dead load including self weight, wind load, earthquake load, impact load etc. The loads have to be judicially combined to find the critical forces to be withstood by the structural .

Subsequently these combination have to be designed by suggesting types of load from material with respect of cost effectiveness and time frame of the projects. The software STAAD.PRO is used for this purpose with AUTOCAD.

C. Material Testing Lab.
we have established quality control laboratory for testing of civil engineering materials i.e. soil, cement aggregates, sand steel, lime, mortar, concrete, tiles, bricks etc. Testing of Bureau of Indian Standards.

A mobile laboratory has also been setup for checking field compaction of soil and quality control of concrete. Non destructive tests facility has also been developed.

D. Other Works
The firm has been providing consultancy services for planning and designing of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Construction supervision quantity verification and billings by qualified professionals.

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